British at Gold Coast
  • (1)Divide and Rule in Africa – British recruited disproportionately from the Tiv in Nigeria, Acholi in Uganda and the Kamba in Kenya for the military. To prevent National coalition.
  • Africa’s British policy was to rule indirectly through traditional structures of authority which were subordinated to colonial interests.
  • British divided Ireland, India, and Palestine before handing over power to nationalist leaders.
  • Britains famous ‘(2)drain of wealth’ from India was not a phenomenon confined to India but also to other colonies as well.
  • Cultivation System- export the (3)agricultural commodities from the resource rich Colonies to the markets in the west.
  • Industrialisation(4) deliberately prevented in both colonies.
  • (5)Multi-class movement with broad based.
  • Post Independence – South Africa become independent from its white elite and had imposed apartheid in 1948, the armed struggle headed by the African National Congress led to black majority rule eventually under Nelson Mandela. The struggle was not of nationalism but of socialism, tribalism and religious sentiment.

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