DST, Jet Lag & Circadian Rhythm

Advantages of DST (Daylight Saving Time):- o DST take advantages of summers extra daylight hours. Clocks are put forward 1 hour (Usually in spring, thus gaining an hours sunlight during conventional waking hours. o The practice was first suggested, half seriously in 1784 in an essay by an American Statesman & scientist Benjamin Franklin. o […]

Weather & Climate

Weather refers to short-run atmospheric condition involving Heat-moisture and these motions for a given time and specific Area.Climate refers to the aggregation of atmospheric condition involing Heat-moisture and there motions over a long period of time and for a larger area. o Climate is what we expect; o Weather is what we get. o It […]

Geography- Basic Terms

Basic Terms:- o Geo+ Graphic- Literally sense that words means description of earth. o Greeks are supposed to be first geographers. o Eratosthenes invent the word Geography defined as study of earth as nature of man. o Geography is governed by a method rather than by specific body of Knowledge and this method is spatial […]