Weather & Climate

Weather refers to short-run atmospheric condition involving Heat-moisture and these motions for a given time and specific Area.
Climate refers to the aggregation of atmospheric condition involing Heat-moisture and there motions over a long period of time and for a larger area.
o Climate is what we expect;
o Weather is what we get.
o It is the climate that attracts people; Weather that makes them leave.

Greeks divided world in 3 Climatic zones/region.
 Torrid Zone:- (Very Hot area) (Tropical Region)Lower latitude
o Tropic of Cancer  Tropic of Capricone
 Frizzed Zone:- Very Cold area and Polar Region/Higher latitude.
o 66½° to Poleward both sides N&S
 Temperate Zone:- Moderate Areas- Middle Latitude.
o Northern Hemisphere Tropic of Cancer to Arctic Circle
o Southern Hemisphere  Tropic of Capricorn to Antarctic Zone
 The word/term temperate used by Greek for the middle latitude it considered to be misnomer on this latitude experience highest variability of weather condition in the world.
o Middle altitude is more vulnerable to weather.

Global Heat Imbalance
o Between approx. 350 North/South there is a surplus of energy because insolation exceeds out radiation.
o Pole wards from 300 North and 300 South there is a deficit of energy because out radiation exceed insolation.
o Theoretically, such an imbalance could result in the lower latitudes become warmer and the higher latitudes ever become colder.
o In reality, however energy’s transfer from area of surplus to areas of deficit in 2 related ways.
 Atmospheric Circulation (80% of heat transfer)
 Oceanic Circulation (20% of heat transfer)

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