Wise and Wisdom

How to become wise?
In order to become wise, one must believe everything which we regard as
wisdom, may be a falsehood

What is Knowledge/wisdom?
It can be seen as a journey ongoing enquiry it is not a destination. There
are no final answers every answer is liable to be examined and reviewed
further. This is the only thing we have to cultivate. When we have scientific
temper, critical outlook, try to undertake pre-supposition less enquiry, it
implies, we believe that there is nothing like The Knowledge (It can just
be a belief) that we need to know that I do not know. Now we can carry
knowledge within, believe that it can just be a belief, opinion, assumption
and it can be far from be Truth.
No knowledge whether it is coming from religion or it is coming through
any text should believe nothing is immune from revision, nothing is a
gospel truth. It also suggest when we instill critical outlook we have
earnestness, sincerity we have humility, modesty to learn that one answer
may come as possible view or knowledge, another answer may come as
another possible view of knowledge claim. As an individual we should not
believe that neither of them are absolute truth. We should believe that it
should not may complete knowledge and I can go beyond them, this
aspiration and striving is called as scientific temper.
One possible answer can be thesis and another may be anti-thesis and
we can go for synthesis, tomorrow “A” can become one view and “B” can
become another possible view and we can go further. This is how our
conception of justice have evolve. Some people may have said what is just, when people who are superior in cast, by birth for them other people
would live, Earlier X were like Slave and catering to the self-interest of
White, Imperial forces had made us slave, What was Justice that do
everything for them they are our masters, Justice is like that women would
sacrifice for the vested interest of men for justice, today we see we have
come to injustice, we talk about social and economic justice, political
justice, Slavery that was justice was injustice, Untouchability is injustice,
Sati Injustice, Devdasism injustice. We have now feminist prospective in
injustice, we have Dalit prospective injustice, when have been unjust to
environment, today environment prospective injustice, we have multicultural
injustice, we have child right injustice, Human Rights injustice,
Natural principle injustice, No matter what we investigate or evolve, we
have try to understand what is India, Basic structure of constitution, 103
amendments are like 103 efforts to redefine an Idea of India. This is like a
progressive journey, where we stand today, tomorrow we like to go
beyond that further. This is like being Progressive. Nothing is so
sacrosanct we should not give up, if we have any genes that we should
not that what is going on, we will become regressive to remain open to
sacrifice everything. This is like an orientation of a scientific person or lets
call ourselves a moral

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